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By taking care of your graphic design we offer to save your time so you can concentrate on the scientific work. scientifig design examples

About us

Economize time by providing your research with an aesthetic impression it deserves.

We are a small team of two graphic designers. As we learned from our scientist colleagues, obtaining grants and making research comprehensible for a wider public is nowadays more and more dependable on the quality of the graphic design. Our goal is to help the researchers focus on their main objectives. We aim to take your sketches, presentation drafts, poster ideas and make them look perfect without you investing any of your valuable time.

Most of our clients work in Natural Sciences, but we are happy to take up new challenges, whatever your field is.

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Examples of our work

Some of places where our work was published:

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To show the respect to our clients we aim at transparency. We bill our work either per hour, based on Toggl time tracking reports for each project, task and activity individually or, if preferred, per project as agreed in advance. In case of hourly billing, one should consider that there is a risk of the estimated time being exceeded, but the final bill is usually lower than in the project pricing. For the latter, we usually take 150% of the hourly estimation. However, in that case we take the risk of work underestimation and commit to execute the whole project.

Our current hourly rate: 50€ / $60

If you're a private person or a Poland-based company - we are required to add the Value Added Tax of 23%. In other cases we can provide an invoice with 0% VAT.

If you intend to work with us - Contact us now! We update our pricing every year as we get faster in common tasks we do, but we keep the rates unchanged for our long-term customers. You can also take a look at our portfolio.

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